Wigan Council Home Working Support

This page provides answers to some common problems with the Wigan Council remote access technology.

Q - I've logged on successfully but I can't see any server icons!

You will be presented with icons only if you have been set up by IT to use the system. If you believe that your manager has already authorised your use of the system please ask them to request access again through the IT Help Line.

Q - I've lost my connection to the server!

Check the status of your internet connection by browsing to other pages on the internet. If you can successfully open pages other than the Wigan Council remote access portal then contact the IT Help Line. They will be able to update you on any outage.

Q - I've lost my connection to the server but when I click the icon to reconnect nothing happens!

If you lose the connection to the server that you are working on you should be able to re-establish the session. Simply double click the appropriate server icon. On occasion, however, this might not work. In this case you should check to see whether java is still running. This will be indicated by the appearance of a small icon (most probably a coffee cup) at the bottom right hand corner of your screen next to the clock. To rectify this fault logout of the portal and close your browser. The icon should disappear and you should be able to successfully start a new session.